The team at VetPride services is happy to announce that two new Veterans Affairs hospitals are being added to the list of valet service contracts that we have the pleasure of operating. Our Valet operations are expanding to Jamaica Plain Campus of the VA Boston Healthcare System and to the VA Northern Indiana Health Care System in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

VetPride has the privilege of setting up the first Valet service for both of these locations, offering a brand-new service to the Veterans who come to these hospitals. The Jamaica Plain Valet service starts up on the 13th of July and the Fort Wayne service starts on the 17th of July. From that time forward we delight in the fact that we can make the lives of the Veterans who visit these hospitals a little easier.

The enthusiasm to serve the veterans who have served our country so faithfully is a feeling that is held companywide. From our executive staff to our managers, and our attendants, the desire to give back to our veterans is ever prevalent. The Regional Manager of our Valet Service, Rob Scheve, described this sentiment perfectly while saying, “We are excited to serve veterans at both locations. I have been doing this for ten years for VA hospitals, and there is nothing I would rather do than serve this population.”