On January 27th, 2017, VetPride Services was awarded a contract from the State of South Carolina to take over operations of the state’s Rest Areas and Truck Parking Areas.

Upon taking over the contract, VetPride Services hired 160 employees from the previous contractor, and also hired additional staff to ensure each site is fully serviced. VetPride established solid relationships with all the vendors, purchased company vehicles, and uniforms for all employees.

VetPride hired John Dover as the Project Manager to run the new contract; each site has it’s own supervisor who reports to the Project Manager. TJ Heard, the supervisor in Anderson South Carolina at the Northbound and Southbound Rest Areas, is ensuring all his employees are cared for, and is keeping safety his number one priority while raising the level of customer service at each Rest Area. “I love being a supervisor and meeting all the new people that come through,” he says.  

As a family and Veteran owned business, VetPride Services prides itself on treating their employees like family, instilling by example the same core values that make up great servicemen -integrity, loyalty, and pride. In turn, each VetPride employee then treats the people they serve with the same level of respect and care.