Grounds Maintenance & Landscaping

We know what it means to serve with pride.

VetPride Services Capabilities

The grounds and landscaping of an area are a person’s first impression about that location. First impressions are important and VetPride services is equipped to ensure that the first impression of your space is a good one. Our company understands the importance of your grounds maintenance needs and will uphold your standards for maintaining and enhancing the esthetic aspect your property. The grounds maintenance team provides the equipment, labor, and management necessary to maintain commercial, military, and government sites.

Our repertoire currently includes Federal Government sites to include some of our nation’s most cherished landmarks and strategic bases. Our services are not just basic landscaping needs, they include elaborate tasks such as annual soil testing and fertilizing, irrigation/sprinkler maintenance and repair, and storm debris removal, we also offer sod installation services, visit the NG Turf website for more information.

Service Offering:

  • Full suite of regular landscape maintenance and upkeep services
  • Irrigation/sprinkler maintenance and repair
  • Policing of grounds, roads, parking lots and sidewalks
  • Tree and shrub care, removal and replacement
  • Planter and garden care
  • Litter and debris disposal

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