Our heritage is service. Our trademark is integrity.

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When was VetPride established?

VetPride Services, founded in 2004 by Vietnam Veteran Roger Pierce, is a contract services provider for military installations, federal government agencies, and commercial customers throughout the United States and overseas.

The company’s unique emphasis on relationship building and quality service quickly pushed VetPride to the forefront of the industry. Twelve years later, the company boasts an impressive roster of ultimate customer satisfaction.

What services does VetPride offer?

VetPride provides Base Operating Support, Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance, Aviation Maintenance, Vehicle Logistics, Human Resources, Warehousing and Maintenance, Food Services, Valet Services, and Custodial Services to our customers.

What kind of client does VetPride work with?
We provide contract services for military installations, federal government agencies, and a variety of commercial customers. We operate in the United States and overseas. Contact Us now to find out more about our services.
What sets VetPride apart in the industry?
VetPride has a commitment to a long-term partnership with our clients and to provide efficient and effective services. We focus on adaptability and responsiveness to our customer’s needs. We strive to conduct ourselves with integrity and serve our clients and customers with unwavering dedication.
What are VetPride’s values?
VetPride’s roots in military service are evident in everything we do. When you work with us, you’ll find that loyalty, pride, and integrity in our work make up the fiber of who we are as a service provider.

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